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Fairies nymphs and angel existence in the form of twinkling winged images-small persons of happy. Flitting from branch to branch, watching as you go by with curiosity. Sometimes in playful action, they bring a smile to the sad loneliness of existence. Resting on tree limbs and ceiling fans. Watching for movement while exciting nature’s life existence. Open your eyes, they are here for all to observe, all who are open to worlds beyond just this one…and there are many.

Laughter is the best medicine ever. It makes my pain miraculously vanish, if but for a moment. Oh, the power of laughter: more, more, more. It’s addictive, it should be bottled and sold in place of the big drug companies’ opioids. Put ‘em out of business. Let’s start a group, Cher, a secret group that no one knows. They just drop by for fifteen minutes, just come in, in any condition with no rebuttals. You’d own it…constant laughter, old jokes, antics, sillies for 10-15 with some endearing thought thrown in there to shake things up. You know, surprise them! A ministerial visit – help no, we are here only to make your day. Let’s play for a spell. And as quick as they came, they left. Always one rose left behind in a measure. No time to prepare or think or to dress, or even to understand until you figure out what a wonderful gift it truly was. That one day when everyone came just to see you and make you happy, this one moment in time. Like the flight of the tree fairies, right before nightfall.