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I see me on the show on TV The Good Doctor. It intrigues me and allows insight into another path of thought. Perhaps my experience, just on another plane of development. An avenue misunderstood by the “full brainers,” an inability to see beyond this realm and the space they occupy. Brilliant yet with only one world of vision. His world, educated within his reality. His truth, the one and only visual pattern and complete mental space, his space. It’s all his, his truth and the distance of vision that seldom deviates the pattern.


The Good Doctor is a genius perhaps but stifled by the inability to explore beyond his comfort zone. Safely contained and shielded by the insecurity of the unknown. Never a step beyond the red line, safe if left to stand at the very edge of discovery. Afraid to even peak at the possibility for it might capture your senses and tempt your imagination. A fearful thought best left to another, more adventurous soul. Stick with “tried and true.” That step beyond the red line is way too adventurous for the algebraic attendant to allow. The chaos of such an attempt might be overwhelming. Seeking shelter from the storm is the constant necessity, as discovery may hold unwanted and even fearful thoughts beyond. Best to stay silent within your set parameters – where constant safety is of the greatest importance. Ignore, until it becomes you, the temptation removed and forgotten. Nothing awakens the solid mind contained in the bubble. Nearly an act of stubbornness on the part of the controlling mind of habit.  Dare not extend into want, desire or curiosity.


The ethereal fettered by the constant insult of acquired necessity.  It becomes a game, seen played so many times by the witness of the takeover. The pieces played like chess on the great board of life. Succeed and conquer. A win on the part of the captor as hearts value had left, long ago. Protected by self-absorption, like a snail, shrinking into itself, silent in the final coils of shells end.


What does the soul enter on the final goodbye? A closed entry reveals nothing… the habit of consistent, unchanging charge becomes their boredom and their existence. Never extend beyond that fine, red line. The unknown does not seek you out you, but you seek out the unknown. That’s discovery and the excitement of new beginnings within. Live stifled in your own comfort or move beyond to a new discovery… Life in growth, discover the unknown and you will truly live beyond expectations.