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It’s time for your now; it’s your turn! Take your spirit inward and heal thyself, it’s possible with a divine thought process. Leave the stress behind now and join the living spirit. You are perfect in every way, made in His likeness and fully loved. See it as so, and it will be.


Stress is the harbinger of every illness and every point of every problem. Let go now and realize the truth as your spirit and His healing will eventually come. Don’t be so grounded that you can’t lift off, stuck in the material world of deception. Sometimes we forget that we matter too. Moms are like that, and it’s tough to let go. Yet, if we don’t come to that realization, soon we will be lost in oblivion. Give yourself a break and remember, you are needed. If you can’t take care of you, who will?  Absolutely no one. Only you are capable of dismissing the dismal life that will trap you. The positive life form is the answer. The negative energy is all-encompassing if you allow it to be. Break the mold and drift off into truth experienced through Christ’s intention. I believe you are capable, strong, and willing to see the truth before you.


I am, therefore I believe. When I left this plane I was whole and free from the negative that absorbs this realm. The ‘gather of more’ has stifled the spirit and many are lost in the darkness that surrounds the gather. The necessary is dissolved in false need, let it go… and find the truth of every situation. Happiness is realized upon this, letting go. To accept is to know. We are perfect in HIS likeness. Let it be so…



Love Eternal