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Music was my soul’s interpretation. It touches that deep inner you, the part forgotten and left behind. Memories selection brings me home for a moment, Bach Concerto in D minor for two violins. The sheet music edges are torn and trampled from numerous hours of practice and memorization. My heart’s story written in the language of music. The story yet to be told… But where do you find the answers when this is lost?


If you want to know me, I mean really know me, then hear my words when I say who it is that I am and what you must learn about me. I can only compare my heart, my souls’ inner self with a song. As expression was music for most of my life, then music seems the only pure communication for me.  Music best allows my brain to express. Like, all the senses blending together, as one total sensational experience. The orchestra of life playing, within a life. Now, that’s music, to me. The sense beyond sense, that plane of noise and sound that lies in every sheet ever written and every moment ever experienced. It’s that sense. The sense you haven’t experienced yet. The seventh, only those who have crossed the thin red line will know about this sense. You can see it in their eyes, they know already and it’s exciting to see another one!  I get a sweet feeling deep in my chest and smile inside, it probably shows on the outside. Or like the other, they have been there before, themselves and wondering the same thing, just like I. Until then, we are strangers, perhaps it is doubt or maybe it is of fear of rejection.


All of you think I’m right here. I stand on the podium telling my story, right now. When really it’s only a moment from another demission. Split in two, I don’t know which way to go. Do I choose this life or that? I just need to decide which plane to be on, or what I want. My choice, yet I cling to this world with all my heart. The other plane, peaceful and beautiful beyond belief.  Like the moment you first saw The Wizard of Oz in color. That kind of feeling. One you can only imagine, the exciting moment of truth. When the new world appears before you and the division is quite available. Then, which do I choose?  Of which do I let go?  The wish, or the dream?