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The cells that are gone will never regenerate nor will they grow larger or into the emptiness of gray matter. That’s all mine, to keep forever; the vastness of nothing.  However, I can develop the remaining cells into ‘super cells’ – An engaging and striking opportunity. Imagine the things we can develop; the things we contain, undiscovered and unseen by others.


The issues that affect us with STBI are enormous. Your entire being has been rearranged, exchanged and deleted. This is something some don’t understand. Your entire system shuts down in ways you wouldn’t believe. Try explaining that to someone who doesn’t believe anyway. After all, it’s the invisible injury.


All the while, secretly, I am before you a child with an adult memory. I’m trapped in an older woman’s body that I don’t quite understand. My hand stretching upward-reaching out of darkness, my heart pleading, begging for someone to grasp. Touch my burden, unto your strength I will fall, but only to emerge anew. The rebirth of what will be. I am one unto their strength. This is all I ask. If I fall, you will catch me. If I fly, you will rejoice.


Rescuing is not just a man’s or a woman’s job, it everyone’s job. Help someone today. It is what you give that you will receive. It’s such a simple concept – love.