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Just a little insight if I might. I get it, I do. I see right through both of you. You are who I once was – A vast spirit of knowledge and energy. You want the world and everything good it has to offer. You won’t stop until you’ve reached your maximum achievement. A loving, fast moving ball of “catch me if you can.” I understand you because I was you and I lived that life too. After all, I married your man.


A rich spirit, flooded in the waters of Christ’s love. An abundant spirit with many layers to discover, for the patient one. All in time, his time though, as he makes his own schedule. Like mine, to each his own. And this is the test we all must endure if we want to keep the best of them. It is the decision both should make and learn to work and change for. Two souls collide. It is my painting Collusion of Souls. It was an anniversary gift for my husband. We couldn’t be more different. We collided, we colluded and we survived. It’s all good in the end. We broke up three times before we got married, but now I want to kill him every couple of years, but that’s normal…


Colluding, our souls collide. They mix it up until they get it right. Sometimes it gets messy and sometimes it’s beautiful. Some get it right away, for some, it takes years and some never figure it right. Either way, it’s never boring! We just have to figure it out, together. Nothing is perfect, just as no two souls together will ever be perfect. We just do the very best we can with what we allow each other to be, that’s all. What comes of that is what you make of it. Allow it to be and yours will be.


We can’t control destiny. One is day and one is night. One is wet and one is dry. One is blue and one is white but when they allow themselves to quietly blend, it can be a beautiful thing. Most don’t get that because they aren’t patient enough to receive it. You see, it goes both ways. Meet in the middle and reach for one-another equally. One hand in another – these make two separate souls into one terrific pair of separate entities. How perfect is that? We can be one together and still be separate within ourselves. It’s perfect, if we allow it to be…