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Here they come, all six of them. The one who would become my team. Oh my, six strangers in my face at once, a terrifying situation for any survivor. Not happy, a stressful area for me, meeting people for the first time, hearing your story and telling the contents of your soul to strangers. It’s quite a raw experience for the STBI survivor.


However, it didn’t take long. I fell in love with each one, individually and as a team. They took my words and shifted into high gear. What came from the “Team of Six,” is quite remarkable. Thank you all – Amy, Vincent, Kelly, Dominick, George, and Galen – angels all. Each one a treasure, each one a continuing gift from God and the story eternal.


Thanks to George for the introductions and knowing that my soul would be touched by theirs. Kelly, weaver of words, the wisdom of thought, an editor by heart. A tapestry woven in dreams yet spent. Through you my soul revealed.


Thank you, Amy and Vincent, for your pure hearts and the souls that God so skillfully guided to me. I cry every time I visit the website and watch the video, as I see something new and wonderful in it, as the story unfolds.


To Dominick, my soulmate brother. You get it, I knew it when I looked in your eyes. The aura you possess is an array of wonder that should be shared. You’ll know it when you look through the lens, the picture to behold.


Today, the clouds are wisps of angel wings, I’ve seen them before. ¬†Dancing in harmony for a promise kept to our Heavenly Father.¬† Thanks to you and my entire team, who believes. I love each of you…Forever, in eternity’s balance.