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Sometimes the impact of a condition, such as TBI, is only truly understood when provided in terms of statistics and numbers.


Among the more surprising numbers are that 2.8 million people sustain TBI every year in the United States. Out of those, 56,000 die from their injuries, 282,000 are hospitalized while 2.5 million are treated and released from the emergency room.  Up to 15% of those diagnosed with a mild TBI may have long-term problems. When displayed in this way, people can see why there is a need for more discussion and support groups around the topic. Learn more details, here.


The Just A Breath Away Foundation is doing its best to spread information on severe traumatic brain injury across the United States, but our true focus is on providing support for TBI and STBI survivors and their loved ones. If you would like to receive information, updates, and news from Just A Breath Away, sign up here.