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Three canvases captured my imagination, while one still holds a mystery. So, actually no, I have not come to a resolve. I’m stuck on it right now. I thought that was it!  But no, a complete mystery. It’s beautiful yes, but the meat of its essence is missing. I’m stuck, maybe I need to see you, touch you again, and perhaps it will come. It has potential to become a great one, I just don’t feel it right now.


Sometimes things don’t come in for long moments in space. Like Prayer, I set that aside for years before I realized what I had!  Now, simple as it is, the sweat that brought it out and the excitement of the brushes struck me later in memory. Now I love it as one of my most meaningful. It’s big and simple but carries an intricate message. Now I can’t put it away. I know what it means now and I remember the day and what I felt like, so deep in the hole!  Brushes flying madly from both hands without control. Sweat pouring from my brow. Nearly dancing in front of the canvas, the brushes reflecting the emotion when He took over. As I look now, I know exactly where I was then. Not many would understand. Another survivor maybe, or you. One close to life’s energy.


It’s a hard place to live, here in this space between heaven and earth. Choose one, you can’t, He won’t let you. The experience is mine alone and the only way to release it is through a canvas. Not until then is there is peace. Short-lived because just as I am released, another captures my attention and it has to be left to canvas. There is no escape. A never-ending story that will continue long after I am gone…