Hopefully, my story will open eyes, ears, and hearts to what it’s like inside of an STBI mind. To help others either in my situation or those caring for a loved one who is also a survivor. That’s the reason why I wanted to document my journey and to set up JABA in the first place.

I do confess that telling my story has been quite a journey. In reality, I began many years before with streams of thought typed onto my tablet or, most likely, through the keyboard on my phone. I save all of these fleeting thoughts to the cloud in no specific order and with no sense of unity or urgency.

Now, as I review the pages of my book with my editor, I see myself changing, growing, maybe even healing. But most of all, I see myself becoming aware. Aware of where I am right now, of where I have been, what I’ve done, and who I am becoming. My journey has been long and arduous, but I’m thankful that I can pass my experience along. That way others do not feel so alone in their journey.

In the past, when beginning to read a book, I would usually scan the forward first. The acknowledgments are a quick sweep, then, as quickly as possible, on to the meat of the subject – that is until now. After working with my editor to organize the content and edit my words, I will never approach a novel in the same manner again. Sure, the story is essential. After all, that’s why we’re taking the time to read. But what I’ve learned is to pay a lot of attention to the acknowledgments because that’s where the real reason for the story lies. This is where the enlightened souls, the ones who didn’t give up, and the ones who can honestly see are acknowledged and thanked.

So, with that in mind, I would like to thank all of those who have taken the time to understand and have made an effort to help. From my team of six to my soulmate, Galen, and everyone in between, a heartfelt thank you. I love that this brought you to me and I was able to meet all of you. A rare acquaintance often leads to incredible love and friendship. Thank you for your understanding and purity of heart. Thank you for believing in me, for helping to tell my story and for making JABA a reality!

Kathleen’s full-color, premium stock, soft cover book titled Just A Breath Away – Streams of Thought From a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor is available online through LuLu while ebook versions are available for Nook and Apple, and coming soon for Kindle. Order yours today!

Note: 90% of the foundation’s profits from the sale of this book will benefit other STBI survivors and their families.