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I met you today, and in the process, I met me. In the midst of a collision, my brain made contact with colorful circles, spinning faster and faster. Together, wild-eyed, we can’t sit still within the confines of our skulls; we just can’t. We are always on the move, in constant, extreme, high mental awareness. Rapid flashes of color signals change within the senses, like the mental rollercoaster in time. It plays out as each wave passes, in its own unmanaged manner. Its free movement is a concert for the ones who listen.

I held on as long as I could to the call, to the contact with you. I gave what I had to give and took from you, what I needed. However, the strength of the hit was extreme and I knew nothing good from me would come from that point on. I had to bow out. I’m sorry but I never know how each reaction will come across. Luckily my team had it under control.

I just wanted you to know that this was the greatest day ever! Yes, I slipped in the hole at the end there, but I wouldn’t miss meeting you or any of it for anything!


“Her wheels are wound so tight, if she dares let go, she will spin out of control and fly into oblivion. I know that space! An extremely fast-paced plane, you can’t keep up and exhaustion transfers from one form to another. Never letting go the eternal bond.  I escape that space!  She’s lost, caught in the invisible realm that is STBI.”


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