After severe traumatic brain injury (STBI) or traumatic brain injury (TBI) a loved one’s life is forever changed. However, the exact ways STBI or TBI will impact a person’s life is incredibly difficult to determine. As the Brainline article from Mount Sinai Medical Center discusses, there are several factors that need to be assessed before a medical professional knows how STBI or TBI will affect a person’s life. These include the severity of the injury, rate of healing, part of the brain that is involved, the individual’s previous lifestyle, and resources for recovery.

The brain is a delicate part of the body and tricky to heal. STBI and TBI are almost certain to have a long-term effect on an individual’s thinking and cognitive abilities, but the extent is often a mystery to doctors. As well, STBI and TBI can affect more than cognitive function. Family members should prepare for changes to mood, behavior and motor skills.

If you know someone who experienced STBI or TBI, it is important to lend support during recovery and afterwards. At Just a Breath Away Foundation, we have built a community of love around individuals with STBI and TBI, join us!