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Things aren’t different; they are totally rearranged. I have no idea where the rest of me went or who it is that keeps breaking my heart. Who is this strange one who wants so badly to keep a promise?


It is tiring, this life, I’m worn beyond repair. I gave everything to my love and the children God loaned me to raise. Seems I can’t keep anyone happy and perhaps just a burden I’ve become. Today I go silent. No text, no talk, no calls. No one is interested anymore, anyway. The project I am so involved in, trying to help others find themselves, I suppose like everything else I’ve ever touched, it too will fail. I have failed. I couldn’t bring my husband home and now my children are turning away because they don’t understand. I should have died. I didn’t. Obviously that was a mistake.


We all go through ups and downs, that’s what gives life challenge. Our family is here to pick each other up and “make it work.” Sometimes we trip and fall, the question is, do we get up again?