Just A Breath Away is dedicated to the survivors, families and loved ones who have experienced the horrible aftermath of severe traumatic brain injury. With the understanding that the effects of STBI come in many forms, the foundation is dedicated to donating 100% of its proceeds from art, products, events, and more. The Just A Breath Away community is built on helping STBI families who need an extra hand.


Kathleen’s Story

Just A Breath Away is an organization created by Kathleen Newhouse. She is a dedicated wife, mother of four amazing children, a former concert violinist, a talented guitar player, and the owner of a martial arts school. Today, she is also a miracle survivor of severe traumatic brain injury (STBI).


Just A Breath Away is a non-profit foundation designed to help others eternally thrive against all odds. We support STBI patients from post-rehabilitation survivors to families of severe traumatic brain injury through the gift of Kathleen Newhouse’s art collection. 100% of our proceeds are donated to victims of severe traumatic brain injury.


Our Foundation

Based in Fallbrook, California, Just A Breath Away is a non-profit foundation dedicated to victims and families of severe traumatic brain injury survivors. Our foundation, created on the basis of oil paintings created by Kathleen Newhouse, who survived through a near death experience that occurred while she was on vacation with her family, stands to give back.  Throughout Kathleen’s recovery, she promised herself that if she survived she would find some way to help others who have been affected by severe traumatic brain injury. This gift of giving is the basis of Just A Breath Away Foundation. These paintings are Kathleen’s gift to survivors like herself who have touched the “edge of life” as she has.

“Press forward with steadfast belief.  Do not fear. You are not alone; beside you stand two, to lead you home. Have Hope. – Kathleen Newhouse

Why Choose JABA?

With Just A Breath Away, you are invited inside a remarkable, unthinkable journey of severe brain injury turned brush strokes.

Today, we are at the beginning of Just A Breath Away’s Eternal Circle of Hope. Just A Breath Away is an extraordinary foundation. It is a platform built through the brush strokes of our founder, Kathleen Newhouse’s beautiful mind. With every painting purchased, contribution made or story told, Just A Breath Away will give back to those individuals with STBI and their families who have suffered emotional, physical and often unimaginable pain.


Over 5.3 million Americans are living with a STBI-related injury. We believe in providing a platform for hope, a voice for survivors and a catalyst for change in the healthcare community.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Just A Breath Away Foundation relies on the generosity of our Circle of Hope community and sales from the beautiful artwork created by severe traumatic brain injury survivor and founder, Kathleen Newhouse to give back to STBI survivors and their families.