Studio of Hope – Coming Soon!

When Kathleen first started painting, she would tuck herself away in drop cloth covered corner of her bedroom and work away. Sometimes the inspiration would wake her or take her well into the twilight hours. She would work as quietly as possible so as not to wake Galen, but the paint fumes, brushstrokes, and task lighting would sometimes give her away.


In this quiet corner of her private space, Kathleen would create the most alluring and ethereal pieces of art. Using mostly paint on canvas her amazing visions would come alive. In her art, Kathleen’s journey to the edge of life, to new realms and well beyond were depicted in vivid arrays of color and mercurial brushstrokes. Some pieces showcased scenes of a pleasant pre-injury memory while others unveiled the dark places she often found herself while recovering from her severe traumatic brain injury. In her art, Kathleen found hope and solace. Hope for a better day, one free of pain and from the injury that took away so very much of her life.


With canvases lined up many deep, the family home was out of wall space to display her many creations. Kathleen looked to a new space in which to create her masterpieces and share her passion with others. With plans in the works for years, Studio of Hope broke ground late in the fall of 2018 and is slated to finish early 2019. And in this new space, Kathleen looks to give her art a new home and her inspiration a beautiful place to flourish.


Coming soon: Studio of Hope – Where survivors can express through art what they can’t explain in words.